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Giovanna Ceserani , April 2017

The data visualizations below were created using the Palladio application developed at Stanford. The embedded visualizations are Palladio Bricks. Palladio is freely available to use at and the source code is available on GitHub here.

You will find an explanation of the visualization at the bottom of the page.


This map shows the places visited by architects during their travels to Italy in the course of the eighteenth century. As you move the cursor over each dot, the name of the place represented will appear; in parentheses you will see the number of architects who visited that place. The dots are sized to represent this number, indicating visually which were the most frequented places. See in the top-left corner the visual reference key, which shows how the dots’ size is scaled to number of architects who visited that place; here there are also the options to zoom in and out, and to re-center the map.

The lines in the timespan directly beneath the map represent individual architects’ tours of Italy across the century. The length of each line corresponds to the timespan of the individual tour. Accordingly, very short travels (or travels for which we lack extensive data) appear only as brief segments or even just points. As you move the cursor onto each line, you will see the name of the architect whose travels are represented, as well as the dates of travel. The number in parentheses after each name indicates whether it was the architect’s first, second or third tour.

This timespan filter interacts with the map of travels above it. If you select a period along the timespan, in the map you will see all the places visited during this time. For example, as you progressively select the entire timespan, you will see how the destinations of travel changed throughout the century.

See the project Schema page for data viewer, the data schema, and a link to the data files.

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