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Timechart of travels

Giovanna Ceserani , Giorgio Caviglia and Nicole Coleman

The interactive visualization embedded in this page is a custom visualization created for this project alone.

The bars on this timechart represent the tours of the architects, showing (by hovering over the bar) the places they visited and the duration of their stays in each place. Note that the basic granular unit here is the month, marked at the bottom in intervals of twelve (therefore any stay equal to or less than a month—whether a day, a week, or several weeks—will be represented on this timechart as one month). After each traveler’s name you will see the number of places visited, followed by the initial year of travel. The black dots indicate that a traveler went on more than one tour; you can see white gaps in these travelers’ bars (when you hover over these gaps you will see them named as ‘undefined,’ and note that these gaps should be subtracted from the total number to obtain a correct calculation of places visited during the actual tours).

The colors of the bars represent the territories visited: below the timechart appears a legend, and if you hover over a territory’s name the timechart will show only the travels to that place. Likewise you can use the search box to look up places and the filter box to look up names, such that only the relevant bars and segments will appear on the timechart. Check the ‘Highlight amateur’ box to put amateurs’ names in bold face. Click on an individual name to remove their travels from the representation; the scale of the timechart will adjust itself.

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Giovanna Ceserani, Giorgio Caviglia, and Nicole Coleman. (April 2017). Interactive Visualization for British Architects on the Grand Tour in eighteenth-century Italy: Timechart of travels [Created at Humanities+Design].