Stanford University

Voltaire's places of publication (1712-1800)

  • Lead: Dan Edelstein
  • Start Date: September 2012
  • Team: Glauco Mantegari

Statistics on editions

Total number: 1973

With stated place: 1370

Without stated place: 604

Stated place true: 1194

Stated place false: 162

With actual place: 1678

Without any place: 280

With fantasy places: 10


This is an experimental visualization of publication data taken from the BnF catalogue. The BnF is not responsible for any data quality issues related to this visualization. Data gathering, analysis and visualization was done by Glauco Mantegari with scientific supervision by Prof. Dan Edelstein.


Voltaire's Correspondence

View an instance of Ink loaded with Voltaire's correspondence. In combines mapped letters with a timeline stacked bar chart and a relationship viewer.

Voltaire's Publications

Mapping Voltaire's publications with data from the BNF.


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